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All of my erotic stories have interesting characters.  Each character has a distinct personality even though sex is the driving force in all of the stories. Lots of steamy girl on girl sex without the genre smut all too common. Yes, it’s graphic. Yes, it’s naughty. Yes, dirty words are occasionally used but sparingly. The overall effect is beautiful and enriching sex with lots of humor, love and attraction. It is a fictionalized world that is too lovely to exist in reality.


Those Parlor Girls, a novella in Those Parlor Girls and Other Erotic Stories

They may massage dick for a living, but they definitely live and love in bush country.  You’ll fall in love with these sweet and adorable women whose escapades are often funny and always sexy.  Sherry, the experienced lesbian, loves and tries to protect her darling young partner, Linda.  Linda, formerly a straight woman, just wants the women in her life to be happy even if it means bedding them.


The 2 of the other 6 stories:

Sex in the Car

Kate can’t believe her luck when her beautiful former heartthrob English Professor kisses her outside a community coffeehouse/dyke hangout.  Unknown to Kate her Professor has a rather unique and kinky approach to sex.  Having her feelings reciprocated, Kate is too elated to ask questions.  Not asking a few basic questions proves to be a crucial mistake.  Like the question about where the car is headed.


The Next Door Neighbor

Camilla cursed her new neighbors.  Someone would have a good night’s sleep judging from the moans and squeals.  But it wouldn’t be her.  Anyway, sex didn’t appeal to her anymore.  Her ex husband had seen to that.  When Camilla discovers the two lovers are women, she tries to imagine herself with one of them.  But is she prepared for what happens after the two women quarrel?


The Bianca stories, in Those Parlor Girls & Other Erotic Stories, came about when Bianca needed more stories besides her first appearance in Massage My Nether Lips.


The Lusty Dragon and Other Lesbian Erotica

The Far East Fire series of 4 books, previously on Smashwords and Kindle, is now combined in a novella, The Lusty Dragon.  Now in this collection, The Lusty Dragon and other Lesbian Erotica, the novella includes 11 other erotic stories.


One of these stories, Lusting After the Librarian becomes hotter and hotter as the librarian risks all to feel up her lovely student volunteer in the library.


In The Secret Passion of Priscilla, Priscilla, first introduced in the novella, The Lusty Dragon, has some sexy comedic adventures in her own story.  Like how did she discover her passion for girls in high school and why one girl in particular, Candy, the cheerleader? Priscilla had no idea how delicious girls were until she has her first lick of the Candy.


Ride Me, Baby:

Charlie wondered if this woman, Ellen, was her brother’s girlfriend or if Ellen was meant for her. She knew that her brother was worried about her state of mind since she lost her partner of 12 years. But Marcia was difficult to replace.   Will Ellen be able to take Charlie to bed?.


The Puerto Rican Bar

I found myself in a lesbian bar in San Juan, Puerto Rico. My friends thought it would be fun to see what the lesbian bars were like here. They hit the dance floor immediately. I don't dance. Well, after a few beers, I was in line for the restroom pondering my chances of meeting someone. Like, say, a gorgeous raven haired woman. I don't dance but I did that night. 


Kiss Me, Now

Patsy found it difficult to keep her hands off her roommate who didn't like being touched. She'd step away to avoid even an innocent hug. So, it was strictly hands off. Well, until that creep, her roommate had been dating, botched his attempt to bed her. Now Char needed Patsy. Patsy went to her determined to comfort her even if it meant she had to break the rules. But would Char let her in?


The Ex Dominatrix and Me

Thera needs a job but she also needs a girlfriend. While thinking about available jobs, she composes an ad as if she were a dominatrix. She’s just playing but also curious about what that job's like. She had met a former Dominatrix at a party, Sapphire. So Thera calls the woman up. Sapphire has her own agenda when it comes to Thera. And not averse to using nipple torture to get what she wants.


The Wife and the Mother-In-Law

Janice is convinced that her mother in law hates her. Now that her husband is lost somewhere on a boat in Lake Michigan, she needs her mother in law’s emotional support. Instead of commiserating, the woman kisses Janice. Admittedly Janice gave the first kiss, but she didn’t mean it that way or did she? The intense sexual attraction plays havoc with both women.

Exhibitions   (short list)

2011"Reversing the Gaze: Man as Object," organized by Karen Gunfreund, WCA,SOMArts Cultural Arts Center, San Francisco, CA; catalog, 196 pgs ISBN: 978-0-9831702-0-4  "Long Beach Erotic Art Show," Tom of Finland Foundation, Piston's Bar, Long Beach

2010  "2010 Human Figure Exhibition," Long Beach Arts, Long Beach, CA

2009  "The 14th Annual West Hollywood Tome of Finland Foundation Erotic Art FairWeekend," West Hollywood Park, West Hollywood, CA

2008  "2008 Human Figure Exhibition," Long Beach Arts, Long Beach, juror Sarah Russin,Long Beach, CA

2006  "Self Impressions: photographs: 1982 to 1986," Wrenn Art Studio & Gallery, LongBeach, CA  "Contem Pony Art: Part 1," Wrenn Art Studio & Gallery  "Hidden Faces;Forbidden Faces: paintings and photographs," Wrenn Art Studio &Gallery

2005  "The Art of the Clothespin," Rocketlogos Gallery, Long Beach, CA

1987  "Forbidden Books," Different Light Bookstore, Los Angeles, CA

1985  "Between Worlds: The Art of Women's Altars," Orange County Center forContemporary Art, curated by Cheri Gaulke, reviewed in Artweek magazine  "Many Voices/Many Visions: Experimental Book Works," WCA National JuriedInvitational Show," jurors: Joan Hugo, Barbara Pascal, Brand Library Art Galleries,Glendale, CA, reviewed in Artweek

1984  "Things that go Bump in the Night," juror, Gayle Randleman, Museum of Neon Art,Los Angeles, CA

1983  "Works on Paper," juror, Melinda Wortz, LA Artcore, Los Angeles, CA  "Ladies of the Night," juror, Lili Lakich, Museum of Neon Art

1982  "The Erotic in Photography: Contemporary Trends," juror, A.D. Coleman,CameraVision Gallery, Los Angeles, CA reviewed in Artweek  "Erotic Photography, an Exhibition," jurors, Demarais Studio, Foto Gallery, NewYork City, Stephen Rose Gallery, Boston, MA (traveling show), exhibition catalog  "Sequences: 20x20," Photography Collective, San Francisco, CA  "2nd Biennial Juried Photography/Graphics Exhibition," juror, John McConkey, Hill  County Arts Foundation, Texas

1981  "Women In Photography, Annual Membership Exhibition," jurors, Carrie Weems,Lorenzo Hernandez, Cityscape Gallery, Pasadena, CA  "Exposure Time, Annual Juried International Photographic Exhibition," juror, RogerMertin, juror's Award, James Madison University Art Gallery, VA

1980  "Woman Woman Works," juror, Arlene Raven, Woman's Building, Los Angeles, CA  "Alternatives 1980," jurors, Arnold Gassan, Robert Heinecken, Seigfred Gallery,Athens, OH; Silver Image Gallery, Columbus, OH, and Spaces Gallery, Cleveland,OH, catalog

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About the Years

WrennArt showcases the work of Jenny Wrenn, who's memoir consists of a life lived as a lesbian, an artist (painting, drawing and photography) as well as a publisher both print and ebooks.


More detailed information on the various works, specific series, artist intentions and techniques is available here.