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My new book.  Those Parlor Girls and Other Erotic Stories has 253 pages of exciting sexy stories.  In the first story, Those Parlor Girls, a novella, the main character, Sherry finds herself overly eager to drive her coworker home from the massage parlor.  Does Sherry have ulterior motives?  These are edgy stories that flirt with the tenuous boundaries of feminism--wholesome lesbians who find themselves making ends meet in an uncomfortable workplace.   Take the new hire at the massage parlor who asks Sherry about what its like to make love to another woman.  Is she really asking about her own sexual predilections?  Then there's the story of Sherry who goes to a tattoo shop to get her nipples pierced and ends up meeting an old friend.  Get your copy of my new book on  www.amazon.com

Jenny Wrenn
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About the Years

WrennArt showcases the work of Jenny Wrenn, who's memoir consists of a life lived as a lesbian, an artist (painting, drawing and photography) as well as a publisher both print and ebooks.


More detailed information on the various works, specific series, artist intentions and techniques is available here.