Clothespin Art (cameraless prints)

These were privately exhibited and appear in a Blurb book

En Deshabille series, 1981

(Four of the photos of Raine were exhibited and others from the series are in Blurb books) The series is an example of an ontological transformation from the state of being clothed to the state of nakedness.  The stages in between are marginal, neither dressed nor undressed.  These in between photographs have white marks across the image to indicate the "marginality" or dirt, that is disorder.

Plane Crash series, 1978

A couple of these were exhibited and sold to a private collector.

Hidden/Forbidden Faces series

There are 7 photos in this series as well as oil painting from the photos. The photos have been exhibited privately.

TriPortraits series, 2004

These triple exposure photographs were taken in 1980 but were worked on digitally for their final result in 2004.  

Prometheus Says Love Your Eagle (handpainted, liquid emulsion on paper), 1981

Ponygirl series, 2005


Jenny Wrenn
Private studio location by appointment only
Long Beach, CA 90802


About Art

WrennArt showcases the work of Jenny Wrenn, who's artwork consists of a diverse range of materials, from painting, drawing and photography to ebooks and mixed media.


For those interested in exhibiting or purchasing some of these works, please contact the artist. In some cases the works are not available.  Some works will be in private or public collections and noted as such.

More detailed information on the various works, specific series, artist intentions and techniques is available here.