Oil Paintings

Hidden/Forbidden Faces series started in 2005 completed in 2009 comprise 7 paintings. The heads are painted to reveal only part or none of the face.  The different incongruous elements, a coverlet and clothespins, engage the viewer's curiosity.  On the one hand the head might be wrapped for protection -- a bandage for an injury either physical or psychological.  If psychological the "bandage" becomes symbolic as does the unusual placement of the clothespins.  The bandage serves to inhibit future damage. Thus the head's emergence from the wrapping indicates different stages of healing. The wrapping also represents a chosen or culturally dictated way of hiding, inducing invisibility to shield oneself from the infectious or harmful stimuli of the outside world.  Likewise, the clothespins can be viewed as either helpful or harmful.  Sometimes the clothespins help hold the wrapping in place.  At other times they appear to be attacking or taunting.  The act of removing the coverlet serves as the breaking down of barriers -- attaining freedom from real or imagined bonds, the process of healing.  The paintings became an uncanny foresight of an assault in 2008 only a few feet from the easel upon which they were painted.  The story and images were published in a blurb book, see blurb books.

Male Bodies: a series of 21 paintings from 2005-2013

Jenny Wrenn
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WrennArt showcases the work of Jenny Wrenn, who's artwork consists of a diverse range of materials, from painting, drawing and photography to ebooks and mixed media.


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