Blurb art books

excerpt from the book Pin the Pain to the Skin
excerpt from the book Prometheus Says Love Your Eagle
  1. Pin the Pain to the Skin
  2. Prometheus Says Love Your Eagle
  3. ...and Then she Remembered the Scar
  4. Pinched Portraits
  5. En Deshabille  Alan
  6. En Deshabille Selections


Jenny Wrenn
Private studio location by appointment only
Long Beach, CA 90802


About Art

WrennArt showcases the work of Jenny Wrenn, who's artwork consists of a diverse range of materials, from painting, drawing and photography to ebooks and mixed media.


For those interested in exhibiting or purchasing some of these works, please contact the artist. In some cases the works are not available.  Some works will be in private or public collections and noted as such.

More detailed information on the various works, specific series, artist intentions and techniques is available here.